Rubbing thoughts

It is sad to think that the person you’d think who would end the loop would just prolong your agony. The interesting part is that the cycle won’t end until the right person comes. The fun part is, the cycle has no end unless you lose hope or end your life. These are things that I have realized: the cycle does not end up into one person; if the person does not do his part, the role can be replaced; you have the choice to float for a while or rest if you’re tired, but once you regain your strength, you will try again and you’ll continue the cycle. What I want to say is just WAIT.

The Feeling of Falling Without A Parachute

You’ve been fighting the light for a couple of months now. Who would have thought? No one’s checking on you. You’ve been busy with work, work, work and work. You gave Satan a chance to use you, tare you apart and ruin the relationship you have with your first love. Sadly, it was a slow fade. It’s like you’ve tasted a small bite of a sinful cake and you’ve asked for more. And time will come you’ll no longer be satisfied. For a moment you will be happy but after the appetite of it, the spark and linger, you’ll soon feel the feeling of emptiness. For you have dug a pit which holds out nothingness.

Fact is, when you’re sinning, you’re away from Christ. No communication with Him is like the feeling of falling without a parachute. When it’s time to jump of the plane, you can’t save yourself anymore. If you get consumed with your sin, your salvation is at stake. Maybe you have to think again, is it worth the risk? Is it worth the risk?

Lust, people spell out your name as Love. I wonder if they mean it?